The Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds from Fresh and Dried Leaves of Vitex negundo by Thermal Desorption-Gas Chromatography

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The generation and analysis of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from fresh and dried leaves of Vitex negundo (lagundi) by thermal desorption-gas chromatography (TD-GC) is described. The leaves were heated at 80 to 120°C in a tube to release the VOCs. The VOCs were cryofocused into the gas chromatography (GC) column and analyzed. Five compounds were identified in the VOC by electron impact-MS and chemical ionization-MS analysis: β-phellandrene, hexenal, hexenol, octenol, and β-caryophyllene. The VOCs were quantified by flame ionization detection-GC. The profiles produced by TD-GC were compared with GC analysis of the oil obtained by steam distillation. TD-GC was found to be superior to steam distillation in its ability to differentiate fresh from dried leaves.