Ancyronyx lianlabangorum sp. nov., a new spider riffle beetle from Sarawak, and new distribution records for A. pulcherrimus Kodada, Jäch & Čiampor based on DNA barcodes (Coleoptera, Elmidae)

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Ancyronyx lianlabangorum sp. nov. (Coleoptera, Elmidae), a new spider riffle beetle from the Kelabit Highlands (Sarawak, northern Borneo), is described. Illustrations of the habitus and diagnostic characters of the new species and the similar, polymorphic A. pulcherrimus Kodada et al. are presented. Differences to closely related species, based on COI nucleotide sequences and morphological characters, are discussed. Ancyronyx pulcherrimus is here recorded from Sarawak for the first time, based on DNA barcoding.