A taxonomic review of the genus Ancyronyx Erichson, 1847 from Sulawesi (Insecta: Coleoptera: Elmidae)

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Ten new species of the genus Ancyronyx Erichson, 1847 from Sulawesi are described along with additions to the original description of Ancyronyx raffaelacatharina Jäch, 2004. Ancyronyx vincentarnoldi sp. nov. belongs to the Ancyronyx variegatus (Germar, 1824) species-group; Ancyronyx breviparamerus sp. nov., Ancyronyx hafti sp. nov., Ancyronyx henningi sp. nov., Ancyronyx konjo sp. nov., Ancyronyx longiparamerus sp. nov., Ancyronyx skalei sp. nov., Ancyronyx schoedli sp. nov., Ancyronyx tobada sp. nov. and Ancyronyx toraja sp. nov. belong to the Ancyronyx patrolus Freitag & Jäch, 2007 species-group. Diagnostic characters are illustrated by photographs of habitus, line drawings of genitalia and by scanning electron micrographs. An updated checklist of all Ancyronyx species including distribution data is provided. Cox1 mitochondrial DNA sequences were amplified for nine of the species listed above and used to construct a haplotype network by the application of statistical parsimony. The molecular data support our morphological species concept except for two taxa that showed little genetic distance, but were distinguishable by the male genitalia.