Ancyronyx jhoanae sp. nov. (Coleoptera: Elmidae), A New Spider Riffle Beetle Species from Luzon, Philippines, and New Records for A. tamaraw Freitag, 2013 †

Christalle Beatriz N. Seno, Ateneo de Manila University
Hendrik Freitag, Ateneo de Manila University


Ancyronyx jhoanae sp. nov., a new species of genus Ancyronyx Erichson, 1847 from Luzon is described using an integrative taxonomic approach. Illustrations of habitus and diagnostic characters are provided. Molecular analysis of a fragment of the COI 5’-end was employed to support the morphological species concept. Differences from closely related species based on molecular and morphological data are discussed. First records of A. tamaraw Freitag, 2013 from Luzon are reported.