Strength in Unity: Reviving the PBA Union

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In lights of recent events involving violations of their rights as professional athletes, a call to revive a union to protect Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) players has been in the sports pages of broadsheets and social media. In this Article, the Authors explore three underlying themes: better terms, better protection, and strength in unity. Through a juxtaposition of the rules and regulations of American Players’ Unions with the existing rules which govern the PBA, the Authors seek to provide the legal framework, as well as point out the legal challenges that a players’ union may face. Players’ associations are also discussed, in order to provide an alternative to unions. While the Article focuses on the PBA, the Authors wish to educate other similarly situated players of other leagues and sports of their right to be protected through a union. Athletes must know that they too, have a voice, and that even if one voice may not overpower the incessant noise and chatter of controversy, there is strength in unity, which a collective and unified voice certainly can achieve.