Insights from the Pinoy Youth Barometer on the Youth Vote

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The Philippines is among the youngest countries in the world. It will be the youngest ASEAN economy by 2050, and if one considers only those countries with populations over 100 million, globally, the Philippines will be in the top 10. Due to their economic and political role, the youth will be critical in the country's development efforts. In September of 2012, the Asian Institute of Management Policy Center and its partners launched the Pinoy Youth Barometer, an initiative designed to collect and analyze the perspectives of the youth on key policy issues such as education, employment, migration, and politics. The barometer’s quarterly surveys were administered to over 2,000 college students, around the ages of 15-18. One of these quarterly surveys was administered in March 2013, two months before the 2013 mid-term elections in the Philippines, to survey Filipino youth and their voting preferences. This preliminary note presents the initial findings on youth voting preferences and their possible factors.