Submissions from 2018


Trace organic chemical pollutants from the lake waters of San Pablo City, Philippines by targeted and non-targeted analysis, Ian Ken D. Dimzon, Ann Selma Morata, Janine Müller, Roy Kristian Yanela, Stephan Lebertz, Heike Weil, Teresita R. Perez, Fabian M. Dayrit, and Thomas P. Knepper


Short Term Wind Speed Forecasting : A Machine Learning Based Predictive Analytics, Annael J. Domingo, Felan Carlo Garcia, Mary Lai Salvaña, Nathaniel Joseph C. Libatique, and Gregory L. Tangonan

Submissions from 2015


Low-Cost Magnetic Stirrer from Recycled Computer Parts with Optional Hot Plate, Armando M. Guidote Jr, Giselle Mae M. Pacot, and Paul M. Cabacungan