The Mathematical Models of FASSSTER


The Mathematical Models of FASSSTER

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Speaker: Dr. Elvira de Lara-Tuprio

The Covid-19 disease has caught the world by surprise. Scientists and researchers are still scrambling to find out more about the nature of the disease and how to contain it, either in clinical laboratories or from data of cases, deaths and recoveries worldwide.

To manage the Covid-19 crisis in the country, the Philippine government uses science-based decision tools when making policies and programs, and in assessing the impact of these programs. Among these tools is the dashboard created under the DOST-PCHRD-funded FASSSTER project of Ateneo de Manila University. The FASSSTER dashboard makes available to government agencies and LGUs the health-related risk assessment of an area, quantitative forecasts of the spread of disease under specified scenarios and corresponding health systems capacity requirements.

This presentation will explain in simple language the mathematical model used by FASSSTER, the implications of the quantitative forecasts and how these have guided the decision-makers.


Dr. de Lara-Tuprio is the Mathematical Modeling Team lead for the FASSSTER than COVID-19 Project. She is an Associate Professor and currently the Chair of the Department of Mathematics of Ateneo de Manila University. Her areas of research include integration theory, disease modeling, and financial mathematics, particularly financial derivatives and risk management.

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The Mathematical Models of FASSSTER