Crossings in our Science Journey


Crossings in our Science Journey

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Speaker: Fr Jose Ramon T Villarin SJ

We all face crossroads along the way. Some paths are taken with careful deliberation, others out of serendipity. This session is just an informal sharing of paths I have taken that have led me to where I am now, a Jesuit who happens to be a scientist who turned into an administrator and is now hoping to be missioned back to science. The hope is that in this time of quarantine we will find time to ponder the choices (serendipitous or otherwise) that we have made and that continue to make us. Pondering the paths we've taken and imagining alternate trajectories (or universes) can deepen our wonder and gratitude on our way homeward (wherever home is).


Fr Jose Ramon T Villarin is the 30th President of the Ateneo de Manila University (2010-2020). Before being elected as University President, he was president of Xavier University-Ateneo De Cagayan. He is a Physicist and Atmospheric Scientist , obtaining his BS Physics from the Ateneo de Manila University (Magna Cum Laude and Valedictorian), Master of Science in Physics from Marquette University, and his PhD in Atmospheric Physics from Georgia Institute of Technology. Fr Villarin was awarded National Outstanding Young Scientist in 2000 by the National Academy of Science and Technology (NAST). In 2001, he edited a book titled "Disturbing Climate" which was conferred the National Book Award (Sciences) by the Manila Critics Circle, the National Book Development Board, and later in 2002 by the NAST. Because of his work on greenhouse gas emissions, Fr Villarin became part of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a team of climate scientists that won the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize together with Al Gore. He is also an active member of several local and international environment and climate groups. He is lead reviewer of the UN Convention on Climate Change and has worked with the UN Consultative Group of Experts for Developing Countries. He is also part of the advisory board of the Climate Change Commission in the Philippines.

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Crossings in our Science Journey